About Kids Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to bring children together through a non-competitive, yet physical activity. It benefits the body (of all ages) by offering balance and flexibility and strengthens the lungs.

It supports concentration and allows children to develop healthy techniques to tackle problem solving and tricky situations.

Kids Yoga at Kanuka will introduce children to asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), mindfulness and guided relaxation.

The emphasis is on FUN and collaboration – often led by the children’s own ideas and imagination; supporting a deeper awareness of nature, animals and the environment.

A wide range of movements are incorporated into classes along with partner poses, songs, stories and games. Children will also be introduced to Sanskrit (ancient language of India) words for yoga postures.

Good To Know:

  • Best suited for kids aged 5 to 10 years

  • Discounts available 2+ kids buying classes at same time

  • Kids of Parents and NZDF can join for $10 per class.

  • Family Passes are available; purchase a 10 class pass for $180 and you can attend five classes each =)

Email for enquires

Learn more about the Kids Yoga teachers at Kanuka:

Shanti Dasi

Ella Carvajal

Erika Rodriguez