Acro Yoga - supporting fire relief in Australia

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

We're hosting an open Acro Yoga jam on Wednesday, 29th January at Kanuka Yoga Space. No previous experience is necessary, although having a basic understanding yoga postures can be useful.

Starts at 7pm

(after the 5.45pm Power Flow)

Koha (donation) entry with all proceeds going to Wildlife Victoria.

What To Expect On The Night?

We'll provide some basic warm up exercises to get you going and always be available to lend some help if you're trying something new.

We will encourage everyone to work in threes - one base, one flyer and one person spotting.

We can cater to more people who are more advanced, or people just starting out.

You can bring a partner along, or come solo and pair up with someone on the night.

What Is Acro Yoga?

Is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics - don't let the word acrobatics put you off; like with all things, you can control what you try, and don't try; always start slow! Generally speaking:

  1. One person is lying flat on their back with legs lifted - The Base

  2. The other is lifted and moving around on the other person feet / hands - The Flyer

  3. The third person is watching everything unfold, with arms out at the ready to catch / support any falls - The Spotter

When you become more comfortable with Acro Yoga moves, you can begin to draw on traditions of circus arts, cheerleading and dance acro.

If you have any questions please reach out on Facebook / Instagram or send us a note at

Thanks for your support.