April Foundations of Flow 5 week course

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Join us for 5 weeks, beginning April 3rd, to build a solid foundation for our Slow and Power classes.

Ella Richardson will be leading our second yoga basics course. Become introduced to 20 core postures by taking each pose a bit slower and being guided by more cues. Build strength and learn more about alignment and benefits of each asana.

Great for students new to yoga, want to take a step back to the basics, or who appreciate more feedback during class.

Week 1:

MORE CORE - what is the cylindrical core of the body; why is breath important; progressive loading; break-down of vinyasa + its poses.

Week 2:

BUOYANT BUTT - looking at the connection between feet, hammies, glutes; using our glute + hamstring strength to find stability in standing and balancing postures.

Week 3:

STABLE SHOULDERS - learning how to keep our shoulders robust and resilient as we bear weight on them in our practice.

Week 4:

HELPFUL HIPS - understanding the roles of the hips and the pelvis, so we can maximise their uses as we move through different postures.

Week 5:

LET'S GET BENDY - learning the 5 different movements of the spine: flexion, side bending, twisting, extension (back bending) and axial extension (lengthening).