Breathing for Stability of Body & Mind, with Kylie Rook

Updated: 2 days ago

We're very excited to welcome Kylie Rook back to Kanuka Yoga Space to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with our community.

The way we breathe is fundamental to how we stabilise both the body and the mind.

Breathing is our direct link to influencing the nervous system and as such if we are breathing too shallow or too much we can be exacerbating our stress and anxiety, decreasing oxygenation of the tissues and increasing our experience of pain.

In this informative and experiential workshop learn how to breathe in a way that supports the spine, helps to improve posture and balance, improving your connection to the muscles through the legs and decrease unnecessary tension through the shoulders, neck and hips.

Learn how your breath can create more ease in your standing poses, aid in your balance and enable you to find more range of motion as you create a sense of safety for the nervous system through this deep internal stabilisation.

Learn breathing techniques that can help you connect with a sense of grounding further aiding in the reduction of stress, anxiety and bringing you more ease in your movement.

When - Saturday, 9th July

Time - 11am - 1pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Kylie Rook

Exchange - $50 per person

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About Kylie Rook

Kylie is a truly amazing teacher, mentor and person. Not only does she embody a huge amount of knowledge about the human body (on a physical and emotional level), but also has an expert ability to share and teach her lessons to others in a practical way.

Here is a little about Kylie's background:

"I have always been a mover. From the age of 5 I began dancing, and by the age of 16 I was teaching dance and studying for my Teaching Diploma in Dance.

Alongside this passion to move, I have always been fascinated by the kinesiology of movement, how the human body functions and what keeps us healthy and injury free.

This love of the human body led to a Bachelor of Nursing Degree, and study with Yoga Medicine to become a Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist. I also have a passion for Chinese Medicine, Myofascial Release, Neuroplasticity, and how we can use Yoga to build resilience."

We have hosted Kylie at the studio a few times before and we're always grateful to bring this level of experience to the community. Kylie's lessons are an integral part of the way Kanuka Yoga operate and we're excited to continue learning from her!

We look forward to hosting you in the studio soon.