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Cacao & Somatic Dance Event at Kanuka Yoga

Updated: 5 days ago

We warmly welcome you for Inner Flow “Become Water” - a time for you to connect with yourself, to nourish and to let everything flow...

Cacao & Somatic Dance Event at Kanuka Yoga Space in Auckland

Cacao & Somatic Dance

Inner Flow - 'Become Water'

When: Friday, 1st December 2023

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

With: Isabelle "Za" Idelon and Luisa Schreiber

Where: Kanuka Yoga Space

Exchange: sliding scale $25 - $50*

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*It really matters to us that our offerings are acccessible to anyone who is drawn to the. We understand we are all unique in our financial capacities, there we have chosen to offer a sliding scale as our exchange of services.

We invite you to feel into the range of the recommended investment and notice what value feels both generous and affordable for you.

It's our deepest desire to live in a world where everyone's needs are cared for, and we want you to know that whichever amount you choose, we will be delighted and grateful to receive it, trusting you are honoring your own needs and simultaneously holding some awareness for ours.*

About the Event

The lightness feeling of a feather in your body, the fluidity feeling of water through your blood, the pure joy feeling of sunshine in your smile. 

Dance with us, move with us, feel the rhythm in your blood, the lightness in your body and the joy in your whole being. Come together as our ancestors have always done until very recently. 

Somatic Dance Event at Kanuka Yoga

Starting with a Cacao Circle and guided meditation from Luisa, to connect with the plant medicine of Cacao allowing your awareness to shift from the mind down into the heart. We will follow with a Somatic dance guided by Za where you can just follow your own inner flow, letting the heart and body lead the way to express. 

Somatic dance is a journey of free form movement, supported by a carefully created soundscape, and guided by Za. During this one-hour dance experience you can explore the different shapes and textures your physical, emotional and energetic body can make. From the inside out, we can transform and transmute what is holding us back - “become water and let it flow”

New comers always welcome - no previous experience required.

We invite you to drop the layers that we are constantly holding onto, step into the essence of who you are and have a lot of fun doing it, in a comfortable and safe space.

Reclaim the joy, healing and freedom of dancing in a non-judgemental space.

What to Bring

  • Wear something comfortable to move in

  • A warm layer or some cost socks is a nice idea for the wind-down

  • Perhaps a bottle of water (remember to take this home with you!)

You're welcome to leave your cell phone in the car - enjoy the digital detox

About Your Hosts

Isabel Idelon ('Za') was one of our founding Yoga teachers at Kanuka Yoga, and her journey has since led her onto amazing things; like her amazing Yoga Bus and her journey into facilitating Ecsatic Dance and becoming a DJ.

She has such a warm, playful soul and her popularity within the community really speaks for itself =)

Luisa's life manta is - "Go with the flow and embody the flow of life."


Luisa has a profound connection to the mindful aspects of Yoga and her love for the practice is rooted in her daily meditation and pranayama routines.

When she isn't practicing on the mat then Luisa lives her mantra among the ocean’s waves as a keen surfer.

We look forward to sharing space with you this December.


Kanuka Yoga Space in Auckland New Zealand

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