Cacao I Yin I Music

Updated: Aug 26, 2020


Friday, 25th September, 6pm-8pm

Join Raquel, Carol and Stu from Kanuka Yoga for a relaxing, Friday evening of Cacao, Yin and live acoustic guitar + other sounds...

When - Friday, Sept 25th

Time - 6pm - 8pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

Cost - $30pp

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...a nourishing way to wind down your week, setting yourself up for a grounding weekend ahead:

Starting With Cacao

The evening will start with a heart-opening Cacao Ceremony led by Raquel Minh. For thousands of years, Cacao has been used to accompany ceremonies as a tool to acknowledge our sacred earth, remember ancestors and to access spirits.

Our intention for this Cacao Ceremony is to take some time to connect in with ourselves, to connect with others around us, to give thanks to the earth and to acknowledge our ancestors.

There will be music and sounds to help guide us, and we'll be sourcing the Cacao from Cacao Keeper - all ethically sourced from Northern Peru with two degrees of separation between Cacao Keeper and the farmers.

Grounding Yin Yoga with Live Acoustic

We'll then move into a grounding Yin Yoga class with the lovely Carol Jardine. She's been teaching with Kanuka Yoga from the very start and has a wealth of experience in Yin/Yang styles of yoga. She's been lucky enough to receive Yin focused training from internationally recognised teachers Jo Phee and Yin Therapy.

Carol's calming, nurturing energy will help guide the room on an inward journey as we ground down and discover the practice of Yin in our own way; plus, we'll have access to all the props our hearts desire!

Stu Larsen will be providing the group with some intuitive sounds of his acoustic guitar; finger picking melodies gentle rhythms to support each passing moment.

Check out the event page on Facebook here if that's your preferred platform to use:

Cacao I Yin I Music at Kanuka Yoga

We look forward to hosting you in August, and if you have any questions please reach out to us on our social channels, or email

Thanks for practicing with us.