Fire & Ice: The Brothers Toolkit - Day Retreat

We're spending time at In The Trees this September for a day dedicated to the brothers. Join David Smart, Stu Larsen and Shannon Frost for The Brothers Toolkit; a day for us men to reconnect with our natural surrounds, explore sauna and ice, fire up the core with an energising yoga flow, allow quiet space for breath and reflection, and share a nourishing feast together.

Channel your peaceful warrior and explore unique tools and techniques which you can take away with you.

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The day will be fully catered, with a simple breakfast, cleansing juice shots and a hearty meal at the end of the day, made with love from the owners of In The Trees.

In The Trees is a boutique, outdoor healing, retreat venue nestled in the Waitakere ranges and beautifully built and designed by Sky and David over the past year.

When - Saturday, 16th October

Time - 8am - 3.30pm (with time after to enjoy more sauna / ice)

Where - In The Trees; Micro-Retreat Centre

With - Stu Larsen (Kanuka Yoga) and David Smart (In The Trees) and Shannon Frost

Exchange - $175 per person

Early Bird - $150 per person (available until 31st September)

Spaces are limited.

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What To Expect?

We've created a day of activities dedicated to speak to the masculine. Allowing space to learn by doing, utilising physical/mindful movement, dedicated time to explore sauna and ice baths and learning/reflecting on what it means to harness your masculine energy. Breath will be our anchor for the day; we'll explore some breathing techniques to use in our yoga flow and for the sauna/ice immersion.

The day will flow like this:

  • Become familiar with the people and space

  • Exploring the Waitakeres and enjoying a warm drink in nature

  • Breathwork and guided meditation

  • An energising yoga practice (influenced by Hatha and Vinyasa)

  • Learning, discovering and reflection on the ego, vulnerability, resistance and courage; topics discussed throughout the day

  • Sauna and ice bath combo

  • A mixture of uplifting and grounding, peaceful sounds

  • Cleansing juice shots and nourishing food to re-fuel for the evening

  • Space and time to share and connect

If you are curious if this day is right for you, please reach out to Stu at or David at

We look forward to hosting you in September.

A day for men; The Brothers Toolkit.

David, Stu and Shan