Foundations of Flow with Stu

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We're excited to share our next Foundations of Flow, five-week yoga series at the studio!

Whether you are brand new to yoga and want to give it a go, or if you practice regularly and are wanting to go back to the fundamentals of your yoga practice, this series is for you.

Begins - Wednesday, 16th June

Time - Weekly, 7pm-8pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Stu Larsen

Exchange - $100 for all five classes

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Anyone with an existing Kanuka Yoga pass is able to attend (excl Intro Offers).

The series is aimed at preparing your body and mind for the regular weekly schedule.

Our main intention is to encourage you to feel more empowered and safe in your body and mind. This is not about how flexible you are, how strong you are, how good/bad your balance is; we are practicing and exploring our choices in how we like to move, how we like to breath, and what works best for us as individuals. Flexibility, strength and balance are positive outcomes that can happen naturally over time depending your choices.

This will be a fun, non-judgemental space where we can grow and learn from each other - open communication is more than welcome during the class.

Each class will follow a similar overall structure;

  1. Arrive and connect with your breath

  2. Warm-up with gentle movement

  3. Yoga lesson; move and breath mindfully as we learn

  4. Recap and wind-down

  5. Ending with Savasana or seated meditation

A key theme for this five-week basics series is 'Stability Through Engagement' (STE). As we learn to engage different parts of our body, this ultimately creates more stability in every movement we do; on or off the yoga mat. Engaging your muscles helps to evenly spread your physical mass around the body, which helps to create more control and safety when we move. We become more aware of each movement we make.

Here's a little sneak preview of what topics Stu will cover each week:

Week 1 - Earth Element - Ground Yourself:

After a short introduction, Stu will guide everyone through an earth-themed seated meditation. We'll learn a little about what yoga is and why we are here.

The physical practice will involve Sun Salutations and we'll take time to discover why we do each movement and the intention behind it. We'll bring more awareness to alignment cues which will establish a safe, grounded and centred practice.

The pranayama (breathing technique) we'll use is simply conscious breath. Beginning to notice every inhale and exhale as it happens.

To honour the earth element, we can set an intention to feel grounded and safe.

Week 2 - Water Element - Channel Creativity and Fluidity Through Movement:

With a stronger connection with earth (from week 1) we can now turn our awareness to more creative, fluid movement. Starting class in a different posture this week, Tadasana or 'Mountain Pose', this week we'll flow through our Sun Salutation B and Lunge Salutations and look at different ways we can bring fluidity to these sequences.

The pranayama we'll use is Ujjayi breath; a practice that helps keep your concentration on the breath and regulates the amount of oxygen on the inhale, and carbon dioxide on the exhale; an important breath practice to allow optimal oxygen supply to the body and brain.

To honour the water element, we can sent an intention to move in a fluid and a creative way that is unique to you.

Week 3 - Fire Element - Power Up Your Movements:

With a good foundation of stability (earth element) and fluid movement (water element), we can now look at ways to power up your yoga postures. Learn how to find more engagement in the body using props to support your. This week we'll focus on our Warrior 2 and 3 postures and discover different ways to build strength in your core as we weave everything together into our sequence.

The pranayama we'll focus on this week is Breath of Fire; Kapalabhati Breath. Creating internal heat through breath practice.

To honour the fire element, we can set an intention of internal fire and what that might mean in your life.

Week 4 - Wind Element - Movements Become Light & Playful:

Moving to the wind element, which is most closely associated with the hear, we will look at some gentle twists and backbends; different ways of opening up the heart space and upper body.

The pranayama we'll explore this week is Nadi Shodana - alternate nostril breathing. Bringing focus to air flow through the body as we focus on cleansing the body and crossing hemispheres of the brain, i.e. air flow travelling through the left and right nostrils support this.

To honour the wind element, we can set an intention of opening the heart and lungs to allow airflow to move more freely. We will also learn about the Om - using the wind element to create a calming vibration in the body.

Week 5 - Ether Element - Putting It All Together:

This week we'll aim to put everything together and flow through a gentle yoga flow that incorporates all elements with the intention of creating a more holistic yoga practice.

The pranayama we'll focus on this week is box breathing; introducing a count to your inhales and exhales.

To honour the ether element, we can set an intention of being more aware of our senses.

Thank-you for practicing with us.