Foundations of Flow - beginners yoga series

Join Kanuka Yoga's co-creator, Stu Larsen, for our next five-week beginners yoga series.

Whether you're brand new to a yoga practice and want to try a few classes starting from the ground up, or if you practice regularly and are wanting to learn a little more about the 'Why', and some basic yoga philosophy then this course is for you.

Begins - Wednesday, 15th June

Time - Weekly, 7pm-8pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Stu Larsen

Exchange - $100 for all five classes

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Anyone with an existing Kanuka Yoga pass is able to attend (excl Intro Offers).

The series is aimed at preparing your body and mind for the regular weekly schedule.

Our main intention is to encourage you to feel more empowered and safe in your body and mind. This is not about how flexible you are, how strong you are, how good/bad your balance is; we are practicing and exploring our choices in how we like to move, how we like to breath, and what works best for us as individuals; flexibility, strength and balance are positive outcomes that can happen naturally over time.

This will be a fun, non-judgemental space where we can grow and learn from each other - open communication is more than welcome during the class.

Each class will follow a similar overall structure;

  1. Arrive, class check-in and connecting with breath

  2. Warm-up with gentle movement

  3. Yoga lesson; move and breath mindfully as we learn

  4. Wind-down and recap

  5. Ending with Savasana or seated meditation

It's important to understand that everyone has a very unique body type and bone structure. What is easy for one person, might be near impossible for another. Therefore, our intention is to provide you with enough options to explore that you can make the right choice for your unique body in each posture.

Here's a little sneak preview of what topics Stu will cover each week:

Week 1 - Earth Element - Ground Yourself:

After a short welcome and introduction to our yoga practice and series ahead, Stu will move into a conscious breathing practice. A foundational tool that you can come back to throughout the series!

The physical practice will include a number of gentle warmups on the ground, moving into a basic standing sequence which is common to most Vinyasa and Hatha yoga classes. Questions and communication is more than welcome as this is a great way for the group the learn!

To honour the earth element, we can set an intention to feel grounded and connected to the earth beneath us; a solid support gives us more freedom to move in a more fluid way!

Week 2 - Water Element - Channel Creativity and Fluidity Through Movement:

This week we'll come back to our conscious breath and start using some basic affirmations to go alongside our breath.

Our physical movements will flow on from the previous week, and we'll start to add new postures and basic sequences into the class. To honour the water element, we can channel a creative approach to the physical body as you start to move in the way you feel.

Week 3 - Fire Element - Power Up Your Movements:

This week you will learn how to find more engagement and activation in your postures. It's interesting to know that a posture that can look very basic, can be made very powerful with the right alignment and cues.

The pranayama we'll focus on this week is Uyajii Breath - commonly known as Victorious Breath or Ocean-Sounding Breath. Stoking your inner-fire.

Week 4 - Wind Element - Feel Love, Joy and Inner Peace:

Moving to the wind element, which is most closely associated with the heart, we will look at some gentle backbends and twists using the support of props around us. You will now be more familiar with most of the common movements we practice and you'll start to learn new shapes that may benefit your body and mind.

The pranayama we'll explore this week is Nadi Shodana - alternate nostril breathing. Bringing focus to air flow through the body as we focus on cleansing the body and crossing hemispheres of the brain, i.e. air flow travelling through the left and right nostrils support this.

To honour the wind element and heart space, we will set time aside at the end of class for loving kindness meditation

Week 5 - Ether Element - Putting It All Together:

This week we'll have a focus on the 'Ether' element (which isn't actually an element on the periodic table, but is recognised within yoga philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine). This week we can focus on the spaces in between.

Taking lessons from the previous week, we can move through a Slow Flow yoga class with a focus on 'Space'. Noticing the space you can create with your movements and with your thoughts.

We look forward to sharing space with you this June.

Thanks for practicing with us.