Foundations of Flow, begins August 27th

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Wanting to learn more about the foundations of yoga? How to use your breath to your advantage, and how each yoga posture can benefit your unique body?

Join Shanti Dasi for a five-week series cover the yoga basics. Foundations of Flow, starts Tuesday 27th August. Anyone on a Kanuka Pass is welcome to sign up and attend.

This series will focus on breath, movement, alignment and mindfulness. The course

will highlight base positions, classic flows and pranayama, all aimed to support your journey into flow classes and in your personal practice. Each pose will be broken down, with emphasis on alignment and postural tips. A safe environment with no judgement

is offered to allow you to feel comfortable and supported throughout the series.

New to Kanuka Yoga?

$100 for a 5 Class Pass, or you can use any Kanuka Pass (excluding Intro Offers).

Enroll Here.

If you're having any trouble signing up via Mindbody, send us an email at as we're here to support.

Here's a closer look at what to expect for the course.

Week 1: “Ease Into it”

We’ll start by creating connection with the breath and practice a group of exercises that stabilise the energy, warm the body and keep the joints fluid. From here we’ll work into the spine and work through a flow including classic Marjariasana (Cat) and Sumeruasana (Down Dog) Poses.

Week 2: “Break it Down”

Each pose of the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) will be broken down into key alignment points. Using mat work, props and wall work we’ll create the feel within the body of each of the postures, so once you’re flowing the body will recreate the sensations and alignments more smoothly.

Week 3: “Rise Up”

Integrating work from previous weeks, we’ll start to flow through the Sun Salutation bringing more depth of experience and understanding to the sequence. We now introduce our pranayama (breathing techniques) into the flow and notice how this changes the practice.

Week 4: “Stand in your Strength”

Let’s explore the Warriors (Virbhadrasana), our standing strengthening poses. We’ll look at open and closed pelvis postures, bringing balance strength and stability to this area, while opening the feet, legs and knees.

Week 5: “Integrate”

Our final class will be a culmination of all asana, pranayama and mindfulness techniques. An opportunity to integrate, fine tune and cover any last questions relating the Foundation of Flow.

We look forward to flowing with you soon =)