Foundations of Flow begins May 14th

Join Erika Rodriguez on Tuesdays at 7:30pm to learn basics of yoga.

This series aims to enhance your practice by developing a connection to breath and movement. Students will learn core postures and become introduced to philosophy of yoga.

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$100 for 5 classes or any Kanuka Yoga Pass (Intro Offer excluded)

Week 1 Root to Rise. Ahimsa/Nonviolence

We'll start to build our connection to the breath, and learn to find stability and balance through a grounding flow.

Week 2 Strong & Stable. Satya/Truthfulness

By bringing awareness to the spine and the central channel of the body, we'll start to build strength and ease in our movements.

Week 3 Energy flow. Asteya/Nonstealing

It's not about what it looks like, but what it feels like. Learn how to pair bandhas, or body locks, with flowing breath for energy and engagement in your practice.

Week 4 Subtle body. Brahmacharya/Nonexcess

We'll start to slow down our movements, finding a greater sense of internal awareness to bring more mindfulness to the practice.

Week 5 Integration. Aparigraha/Nonpossessiveness

Bringing it all together, we'll flow and find intention for our practice that we can use on and off the mat.