Foundations of Flow - begins 4th March

Updated: Feb 10

Whether you have never tried yoga and want to give it a go, or if you practice regularly and are wanting to go back to the fundamentals, this series is for you.

Join Ella Richardson for a five-week yoga basics series; every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm - starting 4th March.

When - begins Wednesday, 4th March

Time - 7pm-8pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

$100 for all five classes, or $24 casual drop-in

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Each week Ella will guide the class through a selection of yoga postures that you will find in a regular weekly class, and help break them down in an easy to understand way.

Here's a little sneak peek at what to expect:

Week 1: Sun Salutations

Breaking down sun salutations, and offering plenty of options to work into your vinyasa to suit your body as it grows stronger with your practice. We will focus on stability through the feet and movement with breath.

Week 2: Good Glutes

The glutes stabilise our pelvis and low-back. Sometimes they can be sleepy, especially if we spend a lot of the day sitting. We will learn to wake them up so they can keep the pelvis stable as we move through today's flow.

Week 3: Rotate to Feel Great!

Our thoracic spine loves to move and twist! Let's take some postures we've already learned, and see if we can turn them back-to-front as we free up the ribs and get our twist on. 

Week 4: Stable Scaps

Our shoulders have lots of mobility, and require lots of stability. We will learn how to stabilise through the shoulders to support the different weight bearing poses that a yoga practice will bring.

Week 5: Supple Spine 

Creating space between our vertebrae gives our spine more freedom as it moves through all the planes of movement. Explore what length means for you, and how it can be incorporated into different postures. 

This course is designed for those who are brand new to yoga, or those wanting to refine their practice a little further.

Open communication during the class is encouraged =)