Foundations of Pilates - Five-Week Series

Updated: Jan 6

Join Tina Audehm for a five-week introduction to mat pilates at Kanuka Yoga Space.

Pilates Essentials is a whole-body strength workout centred around the original Pilates exercises as taught by Joseph Pilates. During the series, you will build up your skills and strength to perform the original Pilates repertoire. The series is for all levels of fitness with lots of variations to challenge everyone.

Begins - Wednesday, 3rd February

Time - 7-8pm every Wednesday

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Tina Audehm

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About Tina Audehm:

Tina has maintained a reulgar Pilates practice for several years before becoming Pilates-teacher certified in 2020.

She loves Pilates because it engages the body and mind, and focuses on functional movements for mobility and strength in daily life.

In Tina's class you will find movement that works for you, always with a bit of a challenge. Above all though, as long as you are moving and having fun you are doing it right.

We look forward to sharing space with you soon =)

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