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FREE LiveStream Classes at Kanuka Yoga

Updated: 2 days ago

We're happy to announce that we're LiveStreaming all Kanuka classes as per the existing schedule. Follow us on Facebook to join classes as they happen =)

The studio doors are now closed until further updates from the NZ government.

Brew your favourite cup of tea, turn on your favourite yoga playlist (or use the Kanuka Yoga Spotify Playlist) and go with the flow!

How Do I View The Live Stream?

We are using Facebook Live. So, from your existing Facebook account, follow / like Kanuka Yoga Space and wait for the live stream to start. You can use your smart phone, laptop, iPad or desktop computer to watch the live stream.

If you have the correct cables, you can connect your laptop to your TV Screen at home and watch the class on the big screen! You can also use Google Chromecast to cast your device's screen to your TV / monitor (Google will have more support on how to do that).

Use your personal bluetooth speaker to connect your favourite music, or use the one the teacher shares prior to class.

Looking for props to use at home? Pillows, cushions, towels and blankets can all be very useful. You can also check out the props we use at Kanuka Yoga Space - click here

Links have been provided in case you'd like to order these props online.

We appreciate your kindness and patience as we improve this live streaming process. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Thanks for practicing with us =)