Parking Options at Kanuka Yoga

Updated: Jun 9

We love making things easy when it comes to attending classes with us, so to help give you a better idea of where to park, here is some helpful information.

Firstly, please avoid 'Y-Day Design' at all times.

They have their spots reserved 24/7 - see image below.

Monday to Friday - 9am-5pm

I.e. regular working hours

  1. Kanuka Yoga have 3x dedicated spots outside studio doors - you can see our little parking sign on the curb. If these are available, go for it.

  2. Please avoid parking in spots assigned to other businesses during day-time hours out of respect for their customers and to avoid being towed away.

Where to park during working hours?

During Mon-Fri business hours (9am-5pm) please park in the following spots:

  1. Hobsonville Road

  2. Dowdens Lane (our favourite - always lots of easy parking here)

  3. Workspace Drive

Outside Mon-Fri Business Hours

i.e. Mon-Fri before 9am and after 5pm, plus weekends

Once again, please avoid 'Y-Day Design' parking spots at all times.

  • Otherwise, you can park anywhere you like in the main car park. It's usually best to go for the 'Auto-Hub' spots as this business is a Monday-Friday operation.

On the weekends, if you enjoy heading out for a coffee or breaky with your yoga crew, then please feel free to shift your car into one of the retail spaces to open up spots near the studio doors for other students =)

We hope this helps to avoid any confusion about where to park when attending classes at Kanuka Yoga.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio again soon.