Free Parking at Kanuka

To avoid any confusion about free parking when attending classes, there are two scenarios to be aware of =)

Scenario 1

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm - regular working hours

  1. Kanuka Yoga have 3x dedicated spots out front - our Annual Pass holders have priority with these car parks during the day.

  2. Within the car park, there might be one or two car parks without a designated plaque - feel free to use these if you can spot them.

  3. Otherwise, please avoid parking in spots assigned to other businesses during day-time hours out of respect for their customers and to avoid being towed away.

So, during Mon-Fri business hours (9am-5pm) please park in the following spots:

  1. Hobsonville Road

  2. Dowdens Lane

  3. Workspace Drive


Outside Mon-Fri business hours; i.e. Mon-Fri before 9am and after 5pm, along with weekends.

  • You can park anywhere you like! It's totally fine to take up any empty spot (even if it has a designated plaque) during these times.

We hope this helps to avoid any confusion about free parking at Kanuka Yoga =)

Thanks for practicing with us.