Good Vibrations: Dance with Za

Updated: May 5

Keen to try Something A Lil' Different at Kanuka Yoga?

Join us in the studio for an evening of dance medicine!

Celebrate gratitude and connection together in a fun, energetic and safe space. Free your mind, let your body flow the way it wants to, get your heart rate up and DANCE!

Any Kanuka Yoga Pass (excl Intro Offer)

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Isabelle Idelon will guide the evening with her tasty selection of groovy beats and heart-opening melodies.

Note - we usually have around 20 minutes of mingling at the start, so you can get comfortable in the space, enjoy your cacao and chat with others.

When - Friday, 4th June I 6.30pm-8pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Isabelle Idelon

Any Kanuka Yoga Pass (excl Intro Offer)

Book Online

Good Things to Know:

  • All you need is some comfy clothes to move and dance.

  • Bring your water bottle and stay hydrated.

  • We'll have either tea or cacao to share with everyone before hand

  • We kindly ask everyone to take their shoes off whilst in the studio.

  • This is an alcohol-free event.

Come solo or bring some friends and make a night of it!

We look forward to flowing with you at the studio soon.