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Inner Fire Sauna Day Retreat at In The Trees

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Raquel Minh from Kanuka Yoga Space is joining Sky and David of In The Trees for a day retreat at this magical micro-retreat space in Oratia. In The Trees is a boutique, outdoor healing, retreat venue nestled in the Waitakere ranges and beautifully built and designed by Sky and David over the past year.

Inner Fire at In The Trees

When: 17th of July, 2021 8am - 8:00pm

Where: In The Trees Micro Retreat Space, Oratia

Cost: $190 for day include all activities and meals

Booking: email for more details

Spend the day exploring, cultivating, and harnessing your inner fire through the practice of:



Cacao Ceremony

Sound Healing

Yogic Philosophy and Sauna Education

Breath work

Fire Sauna

Outdoor Ice Bathing in the Forest

Spaces limited to 10.

A message from Sky:

Welcome beautiful beings, to our sacred space among the trees. Let us connect together to our ancient primal teacher, fire. We have woven together an incredible journey with an amazing yoga teacher, Raquel, to bring to you Inner Fire! David and I have been building our micro retreat space nestled in the Waitakere Ranges for the past 9 months and are ready to birth, open and ignite our fires with you! Join us for a day 'In The Trees' where we will journey through our magical spaces designed to bring you closer to the earth, connect you to the power of the fire sauna and be nourished by beautiful foods and refreshing hydration. Let us ignite together!

Our intention for this day is...

To hold a safe space for you to connect with fire and work with her magic to ignite your own inner fire

To be cleansed, purified and uplifted by our fire sauna ceremony

To learn about sacred sauna and feel its medicine

To breathe fresh clean forest air and feel it kiss your skin as you emerge from sauna

To connect to the heart space through ceremonial cacao

To be guided through 2 blissful yoga journeys that will allow your fire to flow, creating mental clarity, emotional balance and connection to your spirit

To circle around fire upon the earth and make an offering to the fire, let it burn

To indulge in beautiful, healthful, nourishing food from our sacred Aotearoa and

To be held by this space, have the chance to take a day to really grow your connection to life here on our beautiful earth and the sacred element of fire

To allow ourselves the time to tend our fires, sit with ourselves, feel how our fires are burning, feel what might arise for us as we do and feel safe and held in that process...

If you are curious if this day is right for you, please reach out to Raquel at or Sky at

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