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Join #KanukaHomePractice

Updated: Jul 5

An online yoga community where we share new classes every week so you can enjoy breath and movement at your own pace.

All you need is a Facebook account and a #KanukaHomePractice pass to join:

Online classes can be a great way to supplement your studio practice.

Always bring your preferred props if you'd like more support and feel free to reach out after your class with any questions.

See What's Included In Your Pass:

  • Newly released classes every week - these short, online videos are edited just for you and align with themes in the studio; classes include Power Flows, Slow Flows, Chair Yoga, and Meditations; all classes are under 30 minutes in length.

  • LiveStream studio classes - join our students in the studio, but from the comfort of your own home. We will be LiveStreaming 3 or 4 hour-long classes each week for our Home Practice members. Can't make a LiveStream? These classes are saved on the feed for your viewing later.

  • Yoga Content - share, comment, and discuss all things yoga. Great chance to ask questions or touch base with one of our teachers or students. A favourite is accessing our music playlists!

Once you're within the private Facebook Group, you'll have access to all our saved 'playlists' and content for ease of access later:

To join all you need is a monthly or 3 monthly pass, then you can request to join the group:

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Learn More About Our Class Styles:

  • SLOW - fusion of hatha and vinyasa, but with slower, deeper poses

  • POWER - strength based, energetic classes, aimed to raise internal heat

  • CHAIR YOGA - 15-20 minute classes; gentle movement which is suitable for all ages and abilities. A fantastic way to break up your working week as classes can be done from your desk

  • MEDITATION - 10 to 15 minute classes; be guided through a calming meditation. Turn the focus to the breath, and become aware of your thoughts. Suitable for beginners and people that already have a regular meditation practice.

If you have any questions about #KanukaHomePractice or our in-studio classes we're available to chat via our social channels, email ( and phone (0276 KANUKA).

Thanks for practicing with us =)