Kids Yoga starts up May 16th!

Updated: May 15, 2020

Our young yogis will join Shanti Dasi on Thursdays at 3:30pm for 45 minutes of breath, movement, and mindfulness in a very playful and collaborative environment.

Yoga is a wonderful way to bring children together in a non-competitive physical activity. It benefits the body by offering balance and flexibility and strengthens the lungs. It supports concentration and allows children to develop healthy techniques to tackle problem-solving and stress.

In this class, children will be introduced to asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), mindfulness and guided relaxation. The emphasis is on FUN and collaboration – often led by the children’s own ideas and imagination. Poses expand a deeper awareness of nature, animals and the environment.

There will be a wide range of movement incorporated into class along with partner poses, songs, stories and games.

Class Structure:

  • Connect (to each other and the class theme)

  • Breathe (breathing exercises)

  • Move (games, dance, sun salutes)

  • Learn (yoga challenge / pose cards / flow)

  • Wind-down (balance, breathing)

  • Relax (mindfulness, guided relaxation)

We will be exploring the following themes in class:

Week 1: Wildlife Safari: let’s take a wildlife adventure and move our bodies into animal and warrior yoga poses. Breathe deep and roar like a lion!

Week 2: Let’s Eat: we explore our favourite foods through fun yoga poses. Make a yoga sandwich, a pizza slice, pop like popcorn or move your body into a banana shape.

Week 3: Surfs Up: hop on an imaginary surfboard, practice ocean breathing, pop our sunglasses on and chill with mindfulness and guided relaxation.

Week 4: Welcome Winter: as the season changes we take a magical sleigh ride through the snow and see what we discover along the way. Take ice-skater pose, walk like a penguin or become a seal pup.

Week 5: Love and Friendship: connect with each other through partner poses, strengthen the lungs with open heart poses and form a sharing circle.

Book online or email to book 2+ children.

*20% discount can be applied for bookings of 2+ children.

*We're also happy for parents and children to share class passes (5 class, 10 class, or 20 class) so the whole family can practice yoga at Kanuka Yoga Space. Just email us for details =)