Kids Yoga - July School Holiday Program

Updated: May 15, 2020

Drop the kids off or join in! What better way to enjoy the school holidays than with some fun themed yoga classes? Children can express their creative side through, movement, breath and play in a non-competitive and safe environment. Yoga benefits the body by offering balance and flexibility, while breath work strengthens the lungs. It supports concentration and allows children to develop healthy techniques to tackle problem solving and stress.

In this programme children will be introduced to asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), mindfulness, mantra and guided relaxation. The emphasis is on FUN and collaboration – often led by the children’s own ideas and imagination.

There will be a wide range of movement incorporated into class along with partner poses, songs, stories and games.

Class Structure:

  • Connect (to each other and the class theme)

  • Breathe (breathing exercises)

  • Move (games, dance, sun salutes)

  • Learn (yoga challenge / pose cards / flow)

  • Wind-down (balance, breathing)

  • Relax (mindfulness, guided relaxation)

We will be exploring the following themes in class:

Monday: Let’s Go Camping: Start with S’more breath, create a campsite with our yoga postures, stand tall and still in group tree pose, then relax under the stars with a guided meditation.

Tuesday: Under the Rainbow: Travel over the rainbow and see what you find. Can you balance a gold coin on your head while doing your yoga poses? Connect to each colour of the rainbow through relaxation and shine it out to all around you.

Wednesday: Go for Gold Olympics: Be strong, brave and silent. Let’s build strength with some Olympic inspired yoga poses, do a Hula Hoop challenge, some Down Dog push ups and plank holds. Then connect to your inner stillness in Savasana.

Thursday: Theme Park Fun: Balloon breath. Pop like popcorn, make a pretzel with your body and ride the carousel and roller coaster! Take a relaxing float in a hot air balloon for final relaxation.

Friday: Pirates and Pixies: Come dressed up! Search for lost treasure, walk the plank, play “Captain Says” and save the day with your magic Pixie poses. Even pirates and pixies need a rest with gentle breathing and stillness.

For those who intend to take the full 5-day series, we will be offering you a yoga challenge for the evening, which will only take 5 minutes or less. We’d love to see how you progress and hear all about your experiences with yoga (poses, breathing, relaxation and more).

We'll be sending children home on Friday with a little Polaroid token to remember their yoga practice at Kanuka.

Book online

$100 for the week

$24 to drop-in

Email for 2+ children discounted pricing.

We're also happy for parents and children to share passes (5 class, 10 class, 20 class pass) Email us so we can setup your account so the whole family can practice yoga.