Kids Yoga - Term 1 After-School Series

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Yoga is a wonderful way to bring children together through a non-competitive, yet physical activity. It benefits the body (of all ages) by offering balance and flexibility and strengthens the lungs. It supports concentration and allows children to develop healthy techniques to tackle problem solving and tricky situations.

Five-Week, After-School Series

Ages - suitable for a 6-12 year olds

When - begins Wednesday, 11th March

Time - 4pm-5pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

$100 for all five classes - $24 per casual drop-in

To book, email

In this series, Shanti Dasi will introduce children to asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), mindfulness and guided relaxation. The emphasis is on FUN and collaboration – often led by the children’s own ideas and imagination; supporting a deeper awareness of nature, animals and the environment.

There will be a wide range of movement incorporated into classes along with partner poses, songs, stories and games. Children will also be introduced to Sanskrit words for yoga postures.

General Class Structure:

  • Connect (to each other and the class theme)

  • Breathe (breathing exercises)

  • Move (games, dance, sun salutes)

  • Learn (yoga challenge / pose cards / flow)

  • Wind-down (balance, breathing)

  • Relax (mindfulness, guided relaxation)

Shanti has crafted some exciting themes for each class throughout the series. Here's a little sneak peek at what to expect:

Week One - be kind to our Earth

An opportunity to connect with and celebrate our beautiful planet! Breathe in deep and relax with flower breath. Stand strong in Mountain and Warrior pose or flow like the river. Share ideas about how to care for the earth.

Week Two - magical creatures

Explore your favourite imaginary creatures through fun yoga poses. Fly through the air like a dragon or hop on a unicorn for a ride over the rainbow. Buddy up and create some enchanted partner poses.

Week Three - it's a jungle out there

Adventure through the jungle and see what you find. Was that a Lion roaring? Strike a pose in Cobra or squat in Gorrilla. After your exploration settle down with a soothing relaxation in Savasana.

Week Four - let it snow

Play your favourite snow sport! Move like an ice-age arctic animal. Turn into a fantasy snow queen or king and freeze your yogi pals into yoga ice-statues.

Week Five - pets we love

If you could pick any pet what would it be? Maybe you already have a fur baby or feathery friend you'd like to tell us about? Showcase how your pet antics, yoga-style, in a sharing circle.