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Labyrinth Gathering - Cultivating Inner Warmth

Join Sonya Lyn as she guides you to draw inwards with grace using the labyrinth, meditation, and the practice of contemplation.

As the outer world cools down for the season, draw inwards with self-compassion, stillness, and mindfulness.

Labyrinth Gathering - Cultivating Inner Warmth

When - Friday, 14th June

Time - 7pm to 9pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Sonya Lyn

Exchange - $40 per person

(spaces are limited)

A person mindfully walks within a labyrinth maze.

Labyrinth walking is a centuries-old practice found in many cultures, used as a tool for prayer, healing, and personal and spiritual growth.

The labyrinth provides a natural movement through its pathways, inspiring a similar natural movement through life itself. Everything that the labyrinth represents, and everything one discovers on its path, is often reflected in one's life.

Walking a labyrinth has something to offer everyone, a simple walk can spark creativity, ease the journey through grief, and forgiveness, encourage gratitude, or simply give time to reflect on life; there is so much goodness to be found within.

About Sonya Lyn:

Sonya has led many seekers through the labyrinth since discovering it herself 20 years ago.

She was immediately drawn to its history and capacity to allow the discovery of depths within oneself, to the answers within, simply by walking with purpose and intention.

Sonya Lyn knees down within the centre of the labyrinth, she is accompanied by her pet cat.

As a Spiritual Life and Creativity Guide, Sonya offers workshops, retreats, and courses in self-discovery and mindfulness through creativity and the labyrinth. These practices have allowed her to witness the transformation and healing of many, including herself.

We look forward to sharing space with you soon.


Kanuka Yoga Space

Kanuka Yoga Space logo with three hypnotising kanuka flowers


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