Mama + Baby Intro

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

YOGA will meet you at your level which is why it’s the ideal postpartum practice.

In Yoga philosophy, we have one principle (or yama) called AHIMSA which is non-violence on toward others, but first, on toward ourselves. Be kind to yourself.

Your recovery is a slow process of adjustments....adjustment of your body balance and your hormones. When you breastfeed, you still produce some relaxin hormones and that's why you must not overstretch, overwork, overdo your body.

Bones will realign and muscles will regain their tone with a little effort in the right direction. More than everything else, learn how to relax, restore and rest, finding ease within your body.

Your Pelvic Floor needs to be reconditioned regardless of whatever style of birthing you had. It is the very base of your body, supporting all the weight above it - including your internal organs, and for 9 months, also the weight of your little one, water, placenta...

Why is it so important? The good health of your psyche relies on it... in the pelvic area, you have the 3 first Chakras. When they are balanced, you may feel secure, capable, energetic, confident, "I am enough"..... conversely, when your perineum is weak, you may cry, and when you feel down, your pelvic floor may be weak and you may experience urinary leaks, or heaviness in that area... so Happy Pelvic Floor = Happy Life!!!

Baby Massage

First of all, always show RESPECT to your baby, before to start: rub, show your hands, ask permission and rest your hands on the part you are about to massage (inhale, exhale with all the warmth of your heart in your hands.)

During our class I will introduce you to a few techniques of baby massage. If you're interested in signing up for a Baby Massage Series - please send your interest to It is a unique experience of nurturing touch and bonding with your Baby.

I wish you a beautiful path with your Baby through that Yoga experience.