Meet Ella

Updated: Jul 20

If you were lucky enough to practice with Kanuka Yoga when we first opened in late 2018, then you've probably already met Ella Richardson. A Movement Mechanic and a bubbly soul with loads of knowledge about the human body and movement.

Teacher Training

Ella completed her yoga teacher training at the NZ School of Yoga in 2015. A

vigorous 500HR Iyengar-style course which covered foundations like yoga

asana and pranayama, and how to tune into subtle shifts and movements

within the body.

Since her training, Ella’s journey has led her to into a progressive path of biomechanics and functional movement. To support her curiosity about anatomy and the science of movement, she is currently completing her Personal Trainer Certification.

What Makes Ella's Classes Unique?

Ella uses yoga as a form of movement to facilitate the exploration of mindfulness, coordination, mobility and stability. She is passionate about helping people move better by teaching them how to incorporate a strong core and posture into optimal movement patterns, and rewiring the brain to body connection by repeating these patterns so that new habits are formed.

Ella loves the "A-Ha" moments when she can feel a pose or movement become stronger, more stable or more efficient. She also loves to feel that same coordination switch on during her normal day-to-day routine. This is the experience Ella wants to share with her students. Ella says, "...once you begin to cultivate mindfulness around movement within your yoga practice, it becomes a habit that ripples out into your daily life."

In her classes, you will be encouraged to move with your own breath as you

explore how your body feels in different positions and movements. There will never be a one-size-fits-all approach in Ella’s classes. She prefers that instead of worrying whether you’re doing it “right”, explore what feels right for you.

Come along to class ready to try new things, and to be challenged!

To learn more about Ella's style of Movement, check out her website - Ella Richardson Movement.

What Do You Love About Living Out West?

"The countryside. The little roadside stalls selling homegrown produce and eggs, the farmers market, the local organic seedling growers and the vending machine that dispenses fresh milk. I love getting out into the Riverhead forest for trail runs, and I intend to join the Hobsonville community for their Sunday morning Parkrun around the point.

Lastly, I love being close to the wild west coast. Muriwai is my local surf spot, and you'll find me out there in any condition - rain, sunshine, waves or calm."

Ella and Kanuka Yoga Space

Ella will be leading various Workshops this 2020 at Kanuka Yoga Space, along with leading some of our Foundations of Flow five-week series.