Meet Isabelle

If you like your yoga first thing in the morning, then chances are you've already met Isabelle Idelon (Za); a former, French mid-wife, with training in yoga and infant massage.

Since she completed her 200 YYT at Jaya Yoga with Jennifer Allen, she has never stopped teaching or learning how to grow her practice.

One of her recent highlights was a 100 hour training of Embodied Flow Immersion with Adèle Kingham of Rise Yoga...

"Is the belief system, movement pattern, thought or attitude that is now in my conscious awareness supporting the easeful self I want to be?"

...and naturally following her journey towards her Ecstatic Flow Teacher Training "Life in Motion" - 10 days with Sarsha Hope.

Dropping the layers that she is constantly holding onto and stepping into the essence of who she is, whilst having a lot of fun in the process, she is now facilitating a monthly juicy dance at the studio in collaboration with the preferred DJ Stu.

We love attending Isabelle's classes - alongside her charming accent, little buddha, and archangel cards, her dynamic flows always inspire us to move freely but in-tune with the body.

With all the wisdom she's gathered over the last few decades, she approaches every day with newfound energy, a playful spirit, and the desire to continue to learn and grow her practice. This year, you'll find her attending additional yoga training, enjoying her now converted school bus around New Zealand, spending time with her helicopter pilot and Kundalini Yoga teacher husband and supporting her three sons (a professional skydiver, a wine connoisseur, and aspiring artist).

Take a look at our live schedule to spot when Isabelle is teaching next!

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