Meet Isabelle

If you like your yoga first thing in the morning, then chances are you've already met Isabelle Idelon (Za); a former, French mid-wife, with training in yoga and infant massage.

We love attending Isabelle's classes - alongside her charming accent, little buddha, and archangel cards, her dynamic flows always inspire us to move freely but in-tune with the body.

With all the wisdom she's gathered over the last few decades, she approaches every day with newfound energy, a playful spirit, and the desire to continue to learn and grow her practice. This year, you'll find her attending additional yoga training, converting her school bus into a cozy home, spending time with her helicopter pilot husband and supporting her sons (a professional skydiver, a wine connoisseur, and aspiring artist).

Take a look at our live schedule to spot when Isabelle is teaching next!

Yoga Class Schedule

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