Meet Robyn

Robyn's yogic journey began about 28 years ago after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue; a few too many crazy years of travel, excessive exercise, stressful working hours and a little too much fun took its toll.

Since being introduced to yoga, Robyn has dabbled with many different styles, and completed her 200HR teacher training with Ashram Yoga which helped deepen her yoga practice. Recently, she has received training in 'Yoga for Older Grownups' and looks forward to bringing this knowledge to the Kanuka community.

Yoga supported Robyn through her three pregnancies, which eventually led her to the more traditional, restorative and healing practices of yoga. Throughout the years, she has come to understand 'stress', and the impact it has on our mind, emotions and physical body; especially when we live with it in our conscious, daily lives.

Learning the power of self-awareness, self-care, and unconditional love has enabled her to rebuild a life of physical, mental and emotional balance (most of the time), along with the ability to notice and reduce stress as it arises. She is grateful to be able to share this knowledge with her peers.

In general, Robyn loves to be in nature and is a keen walker. She also keeps her creative juices flowing by designing and building sets/props for school musicals =)

Why is Robyn a great fit for Kanuka?

"Supporting and strengthening our bodies, minds and souls on a regular basis is my passion, and I can't think of a better space and team to share this with than Kanuka Yoga.

As teachers and students we are all on our own personal journeys, and I love how unique every class is.  Kanuka encourages each of us (teachers) to offer our own styles of yoga; which means each class has a level of integrity that flows more naturally day-to-day, and provides a richer experience for those that choose to practice at Kanuka."