Meet Ruth Grbic

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

We would love to share a little more about our regular weekly teachers.

Did you know Ruth, Stu, and Raquel lived in an '88 Chevy Van for a few months while traveling across the USA? We then convinced her to come teach for us, years later =)

Ruth is averaging 4+ classes a week at Kanuka and has had the most popular class with her Saturday/Sunday Restore. Ommm. She'll be moving to Waiheke soon - and will be transitioning into a more casual role with Kanuka.

Ruth trained at Krishna Village in NSW and considers it the best experience of her life. Her mother is a yoga teacher, and her sister is the owner of Beauty Elixir, so it's safe to say she has the healing touch.

She wants her students to feel a deeper connection with themselves and the universe when they finish a class with her, no matter what style of yoga it is. 

Ruth, Stu and Raquel in Yellowstone National Park, WY