Meet ShanShan

ShanShan’s life philosophy is all about practicing balance; not just the balancing act in a ‘Eagle Pose (Garudasana)’ but practicing how to balance your body and mind in daily life.

Known for her authentic, non-judgmental and self-compassionate teaching style, ShanShan has taught in a wide range of environments; within corporate businesses, Auckland University, women’s refugee, children with special needs schools, and your more standard yoga studios.

She is bilingual; English and Mandarin, and she has an ability to connect with all types of people, especially those from multi-cultural backgrounds, with an open heart. Her yoga training includes Embodied Flow with Adele Kingham of Rise Movement and Prenatal Yoga.

Prior to her yoga journey, ShanShan spent 8 years working in sales and management roles across recruitment agencies and business & institutional banking. She knows well what stress and imbalance does to our bodies and has developed an easy to adopt toolkit to help students find a greater sense of ease and flow in life.

As a migrant living in Aotearoa, ShanShan has been struggling with ethnic identity since a teenager; often she found herself torn in between the East and the West. Yoga has given her a platform to accept this paradoxical conundrum as it provides her with a self-explorative path to unravel hidden strengths and re-create a unique identity that is truthful to her.

She is also a strong advocate in mental health awareness, and passionate in developing yoga as a complimentary therapy. Currently, she is balancing her life between her Honors degree in Psychology, being a full time mum for her 1 year old and teaching yoga.

We're excited to have ShanShan with the Kanuka Yoga team.

She will be leading our Mandarin Yoga Series this July 2020