Meet Stevie

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Stevie completed both her 200HR and 300HR teacher training at RAW Yoga in Milford (one of our favorite yoga studios in Auckland =D). For Stevie, each block of training was hugely transformation for her.

She began the 200HR with zero intention to teach, but rather to 'get better at yoga'. However, it quickly became apparent that she did in fact want to teach and she couldn't help but want to share the magical knowledge that she was discovering about Yoga. The 300HR gave her an even more robust understanding of yoga philosophies, anatomy and the importance of practice. Stevie is as excited as ever to continue to share as she continues to learn.

What makes Stevie's teaching style unique?

She keeps it real. Stevie's intent is of inclusion and community, and she always aims to provide space for self reflection in her classes.

Why is Stevie a great fit at Kanuka?

Stevie loves to add her unique flavor to the ever growing diversity that we offer at Kanuka. During the days, Stevie works in a fast-paced corporate environment so she understands the need to unwind, connect to the breath and provide a calming space for yogis to learn and play. Plus, she's a local Hobsonsville Point resident!

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