Meet Tennille

Tennille found yoga around 2012 and has loved how her connection to the practise changes over time.

Yoga became ingrained in Tennille; not only as a personal practise that lifted her mood and calmed her thoughts, but also as a way of life. Now every time she hits her mat, yoga feels like she is coming home to herself, reconnecting to her breath and to her soul. 

Yoga has changed her world beyond words; learning the art of surrender and trust, being aware of the ego, and using yoga philosophies on and off the mat. 

Tennille travelled through India to further her journey inward and completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Trainer (YTT) there; learning Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga.

She enjoys guiding students through their practise and encourages everyone to listen closely to the subtle cues their own body is giving them, allowing space for emotions and thoughts to arise and be released. She loves to create a beautiful, warm energy that people can share with others around them.

To Tennille, yoga is the beginning of your inward journey and she offers gentle guidance on your journey back to being your true self.

You can catch Tennille at Kanuka Yoga Space on:

Thursday Mornings - 6.30am Slow Flow, and 9.30am Slow Flow