Tune-In, with Yin and Live Music

Updated: Jun 11

Looking to start your Matariki Long Weekend off the right way?

Join Tanija Luke & Stu Larsen in the studio on Friday, 24th June for a very special morning practice to ease you into the long weekend.

A calming yoga class, guided relaxation with Tanija, and live acoustic melodies and sound healing from Stu Larsen. Followed by tea and homemade bliss balls.

Tune-In, with Yin & Live Music

When - Friday, 24th June

Time - 9.30am - 11am

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Tanija Luke & Stu Larsen

Exchange - $45pp

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We are offering Something a 'Lil Different this Matariki Long Week, with an hour of slow, gentle yoga to nourish the body and calm the nervous system. Restorative yoga poses will guide the body to soften and release while we focus on the breath to calm and slow down the mind.

You'll then get comfortable in Savasana for our guided Yoga Nidra relaxation where you will find yourself drifting between consciousness and sleep, in a deep sense of relaxation.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar melodies, singing bowls and chimes as you find relaxation and rest.

Delicious tea and handmade bliss balls are served at the end.

This class is suitable for everyone; no previous experience required.

About Your Hosts

Tanija Luke

With over 10 years of regular yoga practice, Tanija has found so much appreciation for having a space to go to where she can find a sense of internal focus, a moment to slow down and re-connect to herself.

Learn more about Tanija here.

Stu Larsen

A professional musician, Stu and will be creating calming vibrations using instrumental, looping acoustic guitar melodies, singing bowls and chimes to help guide you on your journey inwards.

Learn more about Stu here.

What To Bring?

  • Please bring something comfortable / stretchy to wear

  • No flexibility, strength or previous experience required

  • You're welcome to bring a water bottle that can be sealed

  • Tea and bliss balls will be provided after class

  • BYO yoga mat if you have one - the studio has all props available to use

Space are limited.

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We look forward to sharing space with you soon =)


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