Restore, Reiki + Live Music

Join Raquel, Cassandra and Stu in the studio this December for a relaxing evening of restorative / whole-brain yoga, Reiki healing, live music and calming sounds...

When - Wednesday, 16th December

Time - 7.15pm - 8.45pm (90min class)

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Raquel, Cassandra and Stu

Exchange - $35pp

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You can expect 90 minutes of grounding, restorative yoga, using all the props. Find a gentle seated flow incorporating whole brain yoga to balance both hemispheres of the brain and to tune you into your body and breath. Continue calming the nervous system as we weave in subtle energy work of reiki and music.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle but transformative energy healing modality which helps rebalance the body's energetic system allowing our own life force energy to flow freely within.

Cassandra is a Reiki master, energy healer and yoga nidra facilitator who will hold space through group Reiki healing whilst Raquel guides the restorative flow. Reiki energy will always flow where healing is needed within the body, know that here in this space you are safe+held to trust in your body's wisdom and natural ability to heal.

Stu is an experienced musician and will be creating calming vibrations using instrumental acoustic guitar, singing bowls, chimes and other instruments to help guide you on your journey inwards.

Good To Know:

  • Please bring something comfortable to wear / move around in.

  • No flexibility, strength or previous experience required.

  • You're welcome to bring a water bottle.

  • Tea will be provided.

  • BYO yoga mat if you have one - the studio has all props available to use

Space are limited so please book in advance.

We look forward to sharing space with you soon =)


Kanuka Yoga Space