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Santosha Sunday Sessions with your Health Coach

Updated: 6 days ago

Join Shelley from Santosha Health Coaching for an enriching five-week series dedicated to equipping you with the tools for achieving balance in your life.

Combining insights from science, eastern philosophy, and culture, Shelley has researched effective strategies to enhance your wellbeing.

Santosha Sunday Sessions

with Shelley Smith, your Health Coach

Begins - Sunday, 28th July

Time - 11am-12pm Weekly

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

Exchange - $120 for all five sessions

Use any Kanuka Yoga Pass

(excl Intro Offers)

Each session begins with 30 minutes of gentle movement, followed by a 30-minute talk over tea and plenty of time for questions afterwards. So, come dressed comfortably and prepare to delve into practical knowledge that will transform your daily life.

Santosha Sunday Sessions with Shelley - Kanuka Yoga Space in Hobsonville

/// What To Expect ///

Join for all five classes, or drop-in to any Santosha Sunday Session that feels more aligned

Week 1 - Burnout

Stress is often worn as a badge of honour in our society, but working too hard for too long leads to burnout. In this session learn what burnout is, how to prevent it and how to recover from it.

Week 2 - Nutrition

I’m constantly getting asked ‘What should I eat?’ but there’s no one size-fits-all approach to  nutrition. In this session learn how to make food choices that will keep you and your family healthy for the rest of your lives.

Week 3 - Sleep

Sleep is our number one high performance tool, yet our quantity and quality of sleep is declining with modern life. In this session learn why sleep is so important and how to enhance your shut eye.

Week 4 - Menopause

Menopause is a life transition that affects 50% of our population, but it's still not openly spoken about or understood. In this session we will look at menopause through a culture lens and demystify what is actually happening in our brains and bodies. 

Week 5 - Mindfulness

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about the past or the future? Or distracted by multiple screens and not being present with your loved ones? In this session learn how being mindful can change your life.

/// About Your Facilitator ///

Shelley Smith

After experiencing burnout in the fast-paced world of corporate advertising, I embarked on a journey to explore holistic health. This pursuit led me to India, where I completed my Yoga Teacher Training and delved into Ayurveda, the ancient Indian 'Science of Life.' There, I began to understand the principles of holistic wellness, integrating mind, body, and spirit. 

Shelley Smith - mindfulness facilitator, holistic wellness

Today, as a PreKure Certified Health Coach and a member of the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA), I am excited to share insights on living well for a lifetime.

In health,

We look forward to bringing this series to complement your yoga practice!


Shelley and the Kanuka Yoga Team

Yoga Classes in Auckland - Kanuka Yoga Space


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