Staying Healthy at Kanuka

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

We are aware of the current news/events around the world, plus here in New Zealand. So, we would like to share all the things we're doing over and above our regular cleaning schedule to keep the space fresh, clean and healthy!

Hit the following link to view the personal video update from Studio Owner, Raquel - HERE.

Kanuka Yoga, clean, healthy
Leave props out at the end of each class and we'll spray them down with disinfectant =)

These are the things Kanuka Yoga are doing to keep the space, and each of us clean and healthy:

  • Hand wash stations in the bathroom and kitchen sink

  • Hand sanitiser by the yogi desk

  • Mat spray available underneath mat holders (spray formula is witch-hazel, tea tree oil, DoTerra's 'On Guard' oil, rubbing alcohol and water)

  • We're wiping down door handles, sink handles and check-in iPad regularly

  • At the end of each class, we're asking everyone to leave their props out so we can spray them down with disinfectant before placing them away

  • Also, we're encouraging any of our teachers who are not feeling well to stay at home and recover; meaning there may be substitute teachers for your regular classes (this happens year-round)

Plus, Kanuka Yoga is a big space with lots of room for everyone. We can comfortably hold 20 yogis, however we're experiencing class sizes around 10 people, meaning you'll have plenty of personal space as you need it.

These are the things you can do as well:

  • Bring your own mat to class - we have always recommended this for comfort and cleanliness.

  • Wash / sanitise your hands before and after class (if you have your own hand sanitiser then feel free to bring that in your bag!)

  • You can look at purchasing a small micro-fibre towel to use on our bolsters; the towels are super soft and comfortable to lie on, plus great way to reduce physical contact with shared props. Here's one from Lululemon - click here

  • If you're feeling unwell at all, please stay home and give yourself time to rest/recover

Otherwise, if you're feeling well and comfortable with who you've been in contact with recently, then feel free to attend classes as you normally would.

We look forward to continuing the practice of mindful breath and movement with you going forward. At times like this, it is as important as ever to turn the focus inward and to calm the body and mind; being mindful of how we interact with our thoughts, how we communicate with others and how we can strengthen our close community and lift each other up.

Thank you for practicing with us.