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Studio is almost open...

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Few last things to check off and we'll be hitting the ground running (or maybe we'll just lay in shavasana). While we wait for approval to open our doors to the public, here are some things to know...

  • Once we have the final green light from Auckland Council to start classes, we'll be sharing the announcement on email, Facebook, Instagram and on the website!

  • Our first class will be on a Friday - Funk & Soul Yoga!

  • Remember to check Mindbody, or our website schedule for full class details

Intro Offer & ClassPass

If you want to give Kanuka Yoga a few trial runs first... try out our Intro Offer or book through ClassPass for some juicy discounted rates (first month of classes FREE when using ClassPass!).

  • Intro Offer available as a one-time purchase to new students only.

  • Intro Offer includes all regular classes listed on our schedule at (excludes workshops and events).

  • If you're on an Intro Offer or ClassPass, all Kanuka Passes are available for a 20% discount (when purchased through one of our teachers).

  • All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Friends & Family Offer

If you purchased an annual pass, you're good to go until December 2019!

Thanks for your patience, flexibility, and going with the flow.

Best yogis a studio could have!