Tips for LiveStreaming Yoga at Home

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We are now LiveStreaming all classes from our private group, #KanukaHomePractice

We would love for you to join us there as we continue to learn and grow together during these changing times; click here to purchase your pass and join the group.

To watch LiveStreams, you can use your smart phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Say hello in the comments before or after class to let us know you're there =)

If you have the correct cables (normally a HDMI cable), you can connect your laptop to your TV Screen at home and watch the class on the big screen.

You can also use Google Chromecast to cast your device's screen to your TV.

We recommend a second device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer) to play music while you flow! Listen to your own tunes or tune into one of our Spotify Playlists our teachers share prior to class starting.

Looking for props to use at home?

Pillows, cushions, towels and blankets can all be very useful. Perhaps a large book or tupperware filled with weight, can replace your block. A tennis ball to relieve any specific tension. A belt/scarf/thin towel as a strap. Don't have a yoga mat? Use a towel or practice on a rug where you can sink your hands into and grip onto the fibres.

For more tips on how to create a comfortable home practice space, click here

When NZ business's start operating again, you can also check out the props we use at Kanuka Yoga Space - click here

Also, we have arranged some special deals for any Kanuka students to purchase props online - please like or follow our Facebook page to see the latest =)

We appreciate your kindness and patience as we continue to improve our LiveStream Yoga experience =)

Kindly, The Kanuka Yoga Space Team