Trauma Sensitive Yoga Dates

Updated: Jan 5

We're excited to announce the next online course for Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Kanuka Yoga Space!

Join Amanda Hanna and Raquel Minh for one hour every week

Thursdays at 7pm

February 3rd to March 24th (8 weeks)

Book Online

Spaces limited to 12

This course is fully subsidised by the Here to Be grant. We will ask for a small refundable deposit to ensure a commitment to the practice and a gesture as a safe container for all.

Meet Amanda (Lead Facilitator):

With her passion for sparking freedom in people, Amanda founded SomaPsych in order to share the knowledge and skills she has acquired from years of study and teaching in the mental health and yoga space.

Born and raised in Canada, Amanda’s interest in Mental Health started while studying at college. As Amanda’s curiosity for mental health developed, so did her interest in the practice and theory behind yoga. You could say this changed Amanda’s life, as it allowed her the space, tools, and knowledge to develop a new relationship with herself.

So what do SomaPsych do?

SomaPsych focuses on integrated wellbeing that supports body, mind and everything in between. By implementing a trauma-informed approach in all that we do, we hold and encourage braver spaces that facilitate curiosity, growth, and transformation for all. We believe in walking alongside people while holding hope as a possibility every step of the way. We offer tools, techniques, and insights for restoration and balance, individual care and exploration, as well as promoting social and systemic change so the collective can evolve and thrive. Just as soma and psyche is the intersection of body, mind, and spirit, SomaPsych is the intersection of the individual and the collective.

Explore the work of SomaPsych:

Meet Raquel (Co-Facilitator):

She recognises her consistent yoga practice as a tool to stay centered and balanced internally, as well as finding more balance in external relationships (professionally and personally). She weaves in this awareness into her classes by guiding students into their own inner landscapes, while exploring the physical ground/space around.

Her teaching style is influenced by empathy, compassion and honest, clear communication with trauma-sensitive and invitational language. Her classes allow space to explore options which feel safe for students. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and has completed her 200HR yoga training in 2019 at RAW Yoga and 60hr yoga training on Trauma-Informed and Community Yoga in 2021 with Rise Movement.

She opened Kanuka Yoga Space to create a community yoga space for all types of bodies and selected an amazing group of teachers to help cultivate inner-awareness for a wide range of personalities. She is American, of Mexican and Vietnamese heritage, and aims to bring diversity and inclusion into wellness spaces.