Using Your MindBody Account

Updated: Mar 1

As we transition out of Lockdown and back into studio classes, it will be very important that yogis know how to book classes online, and how to release bookings incase they can't make it.

Our classes will be capped at a certain amount yogis (friendly distancing), therefore it'll be helpful for others to release your booking well in advance if you know you can't make a class =)

Easiest Way To Book / Cancel Bookings?

Using MindBody - the system that helps Kanuka Yoga operate - is the best method.

Most importantly, using the MindBody App on your SmartPhone or iPad gives you access to view:

  • Previous classes you've attended

  • Future classes you have booked

  • The ability to cancel upcoming bookings if you can't make it,

  • Status of your existing pass(es)

Best Way To Use MindBody?

Firstly, download the App on your SmartPhone or SmartPad; it is available on iPhone and Android.

We find the mobile App is much easier to use than desktop =)

When your App is downloaded, you can sign-in and follow the steps below:

Click to view our live schedule of all current classes.

Thank-you for practicing with us!