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Using Your Momence Account

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Since we opened the studio back in November 2018 we've been using MindBody for all of our class bookings and point of sale.

As of 24th November 2022, we're happy to announce that we've shifted away from MindBody and onto a new platform called, Momence.

Best Ways To Use Momence?

Firstly, download the App on your Smart Device; the Momence App is available on iPhone (App Store) and Android (Play Store).

Remember, you can always book classes via your laptop or desktop computer - head to our Yoga Class Schedule to do this.

If you're using the App, when your download is finished, save the App to a handy place on your phone and you can sign-in using your email address. If you need to reset the password, follow the cues provided, or ask Kanuka Yoga to send a reset email.

We would appreciate it if you can cancel any bookings you are unable to make. This provides an opportunity for others to take a class.

Why did we shift from MindBody to Momence?

For a few reasons...

Out with the old and in with the new:

  • MindBody - being a legacy software for yoga studios and the likes, we felt MindBody was just a bit outdated and the user experience (from a studio owners perspective) was very clunky and confusing. Lots of buttons and secret passages to get a simple job done, and even then, some of the most simplest tasks were not possible.

  • Momence - we've been using Momence for a few weeks now, and everything is very logical and straight forward, with less clicks and an easier experience overall (for us as studio owners, and for our clients). Plus, the benefit for Momence is they've created a brand new software from scratch, to specifically challenge MindBody, so when it comes to releasing new, helpful updates Momence are way ahead of MindBody.

Crazy Dishonour Fees from MindBody:

  • MindBody - they will charge you $15 for every failed transaction; maybe you don't have enough funds in your account, or your card has expired. As a studio owner, it was quite surprising to see how often this happened, and it sucked! MindBody have a card surcharge of 2.75% on every transaction - this is pretty standard across all businesses. MindBody use EziDebit for payment processing.

  • Momence - zero dishonour fees! If a card is expired, we'll send an automated message asking you to update details and we'll try process the transaction again. If it fails twice, still no charge, instead your membership will be turned off (can easily be switched back on). Momence have a slightly higher card transaction fee, of 2.9% + a $0.30 fee per successful transaction. We still think this is way better than a $15 dishonour fee which was straight robbery. Momence use Stripe for payment processing.


  • MindBody - the times when we needed support the most from MindBody, it felt very hard to get in touch and we never seemed to have a point of contact to reach out to. For the most part, it felt like the only time MindBody spoke to us or were available to talk was when they wanted us to move up to the next payment plan.

  • Momence - I know who my customer success representative is, and I can book time with that person whenever I like. Directly from the homepage of my account, I also have 'Chat Support', 'Phone Support' and 'Email Support', and they are super helpful and quick to resolve issues.

Customer App & Business App:

  • MindBody - we really loved the MindBody Business App; allowed us to run the business anywhere, anytime from our phones (although there were a few issues with Apple vs Android). The MindBody customer app was also pretty good, although not bullet proof, it was a helpful marketing tool just to be on the App and with MindBody (because the lions share of yoga studios were on MindBody too - we feel this is changing though).

  • Momence - firstly, there is no 'Business App', instead there is a highly optimsed website that is totally fit for a great mobile experience - 100% solves the issues between Apple and Android. Win. The Customer App is also super easy and we haven't had any issues thus far. Win.

On-Demand Videos and Marketing Suite:

  • MindBody - you have to pay extra for it. We never used it so can't really comment on the experience.

  • Momence - it's all included in the package, and we like the experience. Feels very modern.

The Software Migration Process:

This will likely be the biggest concern for any business - migrating a bunch of historical data into a new system, and getting your entire customer base to switch Apps and ways of booking with you. Sounds scary.

We did it. We moved from MindBody to Momence. It was easy.

Momence was created to directly compete with MindBody, therefore the migration process is an integral part of what they can offer. They describe it as a turnkey, and it truly felt like that.

Setting up Momence from scratch was incredibly straight forward; with teachers, bios, classes, memberships and the behind the scenes stuff.

Our clients who had future bookings with us was all done without a hitch.

Our clients who had existing passes with us were all transitioned without a hitch.

Our existing data on class attendance was moved across, no problem.

The support throughout this process was amazing - we had plenty of time and help to make all the right decisions and get everything done right the first time.

There were some bits of info that didn't transfer across (i.e. customer notes, and past purchase histories). We could have chosen to do this, but it's really not that critical and it allowed for a smoother transition, and a bit of a fresh start for us.

If you have any questions or concerns using Momence, booking classes or anything else, please reach out to us on our Social platforms, over email ( or phone us on 0276 KANUKA.

Click to view our live schedule of all current classes.

Thank-you for practicing with us!


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