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Venue Hire at Kanuka Yoga Space!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We love the idea of a shared space, and are more than happy to arrange venue hire at Kanuka Yoga Space; perfect for photography sessions or hosting a workshop / event!

If you have already been to Kanuka Yoga for a workshop or class, then even better!

We appreciate you taking the time to become familiar with the studio, and to chat with some our teachers or studio managers; we think it makes everything a lot easier, but is not essential to hiring the studio.

Venue Hire at Kanuka Yoga Space

We've been operating for five years and we're conveniently just off the motorway in a sturdy and safe complex with plenty of parking options. It was a brand new building when we signed the lease on our space =)

The studio is on the ground floor making it wheelchair accessible and is a bright, open-plan of 110 square meters, with a bathroom and kitchenette.

Our Yoga Equipment Includes:

  • 20x bolsters (from AllSenses)

  • 20x mats (from Lululemon)

  • 20x blankets

  • 20x straps (from Eco Yoga Store)

  • 40x blocks (from Lululemon)

  • UE Boom bluetooth speaker, essential oil diffuser and WiFi Access

  • Tea kettle infuser, tea cups and a tasty selection of Tea Total blends.

  • HVAC - Air Conditioning System

  • Lights and dimmers

When Can I Hire The Space?

Generally speaking, we have availability Saturdays (11am onwards) and Sundays (11am-5pm). Alternatively, Friday evenings are usually free and mid-week during daytime hours.

It's best to take a look at our yoga class schedule to find a suitable time to host your event with us.

Our Guidelines for Venue Hire:

Just because we offer 'Venue Hire', does not give you automatic access to the space. We always talk and meet with anyone wanting to hire Kanuka Yoga to ensure our values are aligned.

Here are some guidelines when it comes to venue hire:

  • Cleanliness - tidy space = tidy mind

  • Open Communication - let us know if you need support

  • Trust - privacy of computer and cash box, lock box, arrival and departure times

  • Safety of participants - trauma-informed, self-agency, drug-free

Venue Hire for Energetic & Spiritual Practices:

Our Yoga Studio is rooted in the physical, mental, and spiritual world. Each of these three pillars, for us, are deeply grounded and natural.

Being a small business in this realm opens the door for people to hire the space and share their energetic and/or spiritual practices and wisdom. It could be generalised that the 'energetic world' is vastly more unknown that something like the physical world.

In other words of saying it, perhaps the energetic realm can behold more belief-based systems, knowledge and experience vs the physical world; neither is that inherently good, or bad.

We're open to all ideas and possibilities, and we trust that people stepping forward to share their ideas is generally for the greater good of knowledge, people connection and making day-to-day life better. Global history has shown us also that it is our responsibility to treat this space with lots of care, and caution, and ensure Kanuka Yoga remains a safe space for all attending; whether it's venue hire or regular studio classes.

Here are some of our thoughts and guidelines on this:

  • What is your education and background in this spiritual / energetic work?

  • What is your experience in creating safe environments that are inclusive and accessible for all; how do you go about creating a safe space?

  • As a facilitator, is there a shared sense of power between you and your participants? Can everyone tap into their own agency, experience, and potential and how does this work?

If you have more views on this topic, we'd love to hear from you!

Hire The Space For Photography!

The lighting within the studio is gorgeous from 9:30am onwards for your photo shoot. We have large windows on opposite sides of the studio and a big white wall that can be used as a backdrop.

The studio has been featured in video commercials as well as wellness sponsorships and is available as a shooting location for creative agencies and freelancers.

Hire The Space for your Workshop!

Our beautiful dark, oak floors and wide open space creates an amazing space to host wellness circles, musical journeys, ecstatic dance events, day retreats and more.

There's space to point a projector and plenty of outlets for any equipment you may need to plug in.

We offer discount for multiple bookings if you'd like to run a series of events - just chat with us.

Thank you for your interest in hiring our studio space for your event.

We're happy to chat further about any guidelines you may have questions on!

To learn more, write to us at or give us a ring on 0276 KANUKA

We look forward to connecting!


Venue Hire at Kanuka Yoga Space


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