Women's Winter Nurture Workshop

Take time-in for yourself for an afternoon of feminine healing-arts and play, led by Megan Blennerhassett.

$30, Book on website or app

We will explore softness, receptivity and creativity in the body and mind through movements including yoga and qigong. Love and nurture our bodies with warm oil and learn about Abhyanga (the art of self massage) before resting fully and being taken on a Guided Meditation for inner healing and heart activation.

From this place of healing and restoration we’ll rediscover the joy of free-flowing creative power, and channel it into mandala colouring with watercolour pencils, eat delicious snacks and enjoy tea together!

This afternoon is for you if you are feeling out of touch with your feminine side, would like to learn ways to re set and rebalance your energies and connect with other women for a fun and nourishing time.