Foundations of Flow - with Raquel Minh

Updated: Sep 26

Whether you are brand new to yoga and want to give it a go, or if you practice regularly and are wanting to go back to the fundamentals of your yoga practice, this series is for you.

Join Raquel Minh for a five-week yoga basics series; every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm - starting 15th July.

When - Wednesdays, begins 15th July

Time - 7pm-8pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Raquel Minh

Cost - $100 for all five classes

Book Online (five-class pass)

Or, email us at to arrange a bank transfer and we'll be happy to help book you into all five classes.

Anyone with an existing Kanuka Yoga pass is able to attend (excl Intro Offers).

Each week, Raquel will guide everyone through some key fundamentals of the yoga asana practice (postures) we practice most often at Kanuka Yoga Space.

The series is aimed at preparing your body and mind for the regular weekly schedule.

She will teach you how to use all the yoga props to your advantage right from the start!

This will be a fun, non-judgemental space where we can grow and learn from each other - open communication is more the welcome during the class.

Every class will follow a similar overall structure;

  1. Arrive and connect with your breath

  2. Warm-up with gentle movement

  3. Yoga lesson; move and breath mindfully as we learn

  4. Recap and wind-down

  5. Ending with Savasana or seated meditation

Here's a little sneak preview of what topics we'll cover each week.

Week One:

Sun Salutations - Finding Your Vinyasa

A Sun Salutation is the sequence of 12 super common poses in Yoga. You'll learn why we practice Sun Salutations, and how they are used as a key pillar in almost all Vinyasa style classes. We'll start to link your breath with your movement.

Week Two:

The Warrior Poses - Finding Your Balance

We'll take a laser focus on the three Warrior poses - Virabhadrasana One, Two and Three. These poses are often used as building blocks in a yoga class.

Notice how each pose feels within your body; understand which foot is meant to go where; what to do with your arms and hands; and learn how to make the pose work for you - everyone's body is unique!

Week Three:

Lunge Sequences - Enhance Your Mobility and Stability

Lunges are great way to build strength and stability in your legs and upper body and the best news is that there are multiple variations of actually doing a lunge. We'll take a journey through lunges - starting slow and building from there.

Week Four:

Let's Twist - Changing Your Point of View

Yoga Asanas (physical postures) become very interesting when we start changing planes (i.e. twisting into a different direction). Using everything we've learnt thus far, we can start to weave in twists which changes the entire landscape of a yoga asana class; for example, instead of going forwards and backwards all the time, we start moving sideways/rotating the body. Feel safe and supported in the movements and learn how to listen to your body when it comes to twists.

Week Five:

Let's Flow - Full Hour Long Yoga Class with a focus on Body Alignment

To round off the series we'll flow through a Slow Flow class that you would find in a regular Kanuka Yoga class. Using all the parts we've learnt over the last four weeks, we can piece everything together and move slowly through this flow together.

We'll learn a yoga sequence that consists a common yoga poses - Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Side Angle, Triangle, Reverse Triangle. While we move and breath, we'll continue taking the time to improve body alignment and as always, questions during the class are encouraged!