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in the workplace

Provide your dedicated people or property with a sustainable wellness program; guided yoga,

mindful meditation, mindset coaching and massage in the workplace.


Encourage your team to clear their minds and embed new, sustainable and healthy practices

into their life so they can be their best selves at work and home.


in the


Enable your dedicated people to embed healthy, and sustainable practices into their life. Engage your team in workplace yoga, mindful meditation, mindset coaching, and massage on a weekly basis.


Encourage team cohesion and open, honest communication in all relationships, at work and home.


for your


Create a bespoke wellness program for your property to show that you have a commitment to the businesses that occupy your building.

We will create and promote a weekly schedule of wellness classes to suit your property and tenants.

Yoga + Meditation

Offer your people 45min or 1hr yoga classes on a weekly basis.

Starting at $100/week

Yoga + Mindset Coaching

Provide space for your people to self-reflect and create a frame of mind which allows them to be their best selves.


We partner with masseuses to offer chair massages or desk-side shoulder rubs. Physically release tension from the body... the mind will follow.

Workshops + Retreats

Invest in a half day, full-day, or out of office retreat for your crew so they can rebalance and further develop their relationship outside the office.