Provide your dedicated people with a sustainable wellness program; guided yoga,

mindful meditation and mindset coaching.


Encourage your team to clear their minds, foster collaboration and effective communication, and embed healthy new, daily practices into their lives at home during this time of isolation. Sessions can run virtually or within the office.

Yoga Classes

Your choice of class styles - choose from 15-30min chair yoga sessions, or enhance your practice with a slow flow with grounding gentle movements, or a more uplifting and energetic power flow.


Mindful Meditation

Taking the time to slow down and become present. Become aware of the body, the breath and thoughts as they start to enter the mind.

Be guided through a short 15 - 20 minute meditation which will leave your people relaxed, focused and in tune with their needs.

Mindset Coaching

Life can often be busy with lots of things on the plate. It is in these times that we forget to take real notice of how things are going and how we really feel.

These sessions start to shift your mind from where you are, to where you want to be

Reach out to our team at to discuss your workplace health and wellbeing needs.