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office yoga


Provide your dedicated people with wellness options.

We are big advocates for a healthy movement practices; whether this is with a yoga practice, or something else like jogging, swimming, gym routines; encourage your team to move!


The added benefit of a Yoga practice, is the focus on conscious breath, techniques to support a calmer breath, and calmer nervous system, along with ideas around positive self-talk and affirmations.

We think a variety of modalities can be very beneficial, so perhaps try a few different health & wellness modalities, and perhaps try Yoga!


"Thank-you so much for today. The team really enjoyed it and you provided us with confidence in being able to do this again, whether alone or in a class. Seriously, one member was glowing all morning afterwards and could not be more complimentary about your teaching and his experience. 


The general feedback was how good at creating a safe space you were. You made it ok to not get every pose correct and had clear instructions even if not able to see you. You also pushed us, without making it impossible to complete poses, where we felt stretched but not disheartened.


Thanks again, I shall recommend you to everyone and we will likely organise another work session."

Claire Bond, People & Culture

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"Groov has been incredibly lucky to work with Raquel from Kanuka Yoga to bring yoga into our office space. 


As a wellbeing company, we are big advocates of bringing balance and our whole selves into the workplace.  Raquel definitely helped us achieve this.  


Her style of teaching is fully inclusive, accessible and Raquel is incredible at explaining every movement each step of the way.  The course she created for us felt like it fit our varying levels of fitness and experience perfectly. 


Raquel brings a lot of grace and kindness into her classes and we will definitely be using Kanuka Yoga again. "

Jamie Wise, Office Manager

Groov by Mentemia

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Yoga Classes

Your choice of class styles - choose from 15-30min chair yoga sessions, or enhance your practice with a slow flow with grounding gentle movements, or a more uplifting and energetic power flow, or dive into yoga philosophy.

Classes can be tailored to suit your team's needs.



Taking the time to slow down and become present. Become aware of the body, the breath and thoughts as they start to enter the mind.

Be guided through a short 15 - 20 minute meditation which will leave your people relaxed, focused and in tune with their needs.

Reach out to our team at to discuss your workplace health and wellbeing needs.

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