the 'space' team

We're proud to bring a variety of teaching styles and yoga philosophies together at Kanuka Yoga!


Studio Manager

Raquel has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade. Her movement training includes a background in figure skating, gymnastics, university-level cheerleading, and acroyoga - she loves flying and finds yoga a more gentle way to feel this free flow.


She recognises her consistent yoga practice as a tool to stay centered and balanced internally and within relationships in work and in her personal life.


Her teaching style is vinyasa-influenced with an emphasis on trauma-sensitive and invitational language. She guides students into their own inner landscapes while exploring the physical ground/space around. She completed 200 RYT in 2019 at RAW Yoga.

She opened Kanuka to create a community yoga space for all types of bodies and selected an amazing group of teachers to help cultivate inner-awareness for a wide range of personalities.

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Studio Manager

Stu was introduced to yoga as a teenager, and has maintained a regular practice since 2014. His 200HR training was done at Raw Yoga and he couldn't recommend John & Nicole more highly as instructors.

He loves outdoor adventure sports like surfing, snowboarding and multi-day hikes; his classes are aimed to positively influence your experience in nature. Finding more balance, better mind-body connection and finding regular moments of gratitude.

You'll also find him playing acoustic guitar on the occasional Sunday Restore classes as he plans to bring more music and creativity to the space.

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Isabelle, or 'Za', is a great fit at Kanuka because as a former mid-wife, she is our specialist with infant massage, post-natal yoga. Yoga with Za will leave you wanting more.


Za has a bubbly personality, soothing French accent, playful spirit and a few decades of experience under her belt. We love every aspect of her energy, and we love that she puts in the extra effort by bringing a Buddha, candles and guardian angel cards to every class. 

You can find Za teaching Tuesday mornings 630am and 930am, along with our Saturday Slow Flow at 8am

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Laura is a great fit at Kanuka because she's been teaching in Hobsonville for a few years now and we're super lucky to retain her knowledge and calming energy in the community.

Laura studies yoga with Adele Kingham of Rise Movement to learn the philosophies of Embodied Flow & Yin.

Laura excels in creating a safe and nurturing space, and she's a star when it comes to cueing postures and providing options to suit all body types.

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If you were lucky enough to practice with Kanuka Yoga when we first opened in late 2018, then you've probably already met Ella Richardson - Movement Mechanic.

Since her training (500HR Iyengar), Ella’s journey has led her to into a progressive path of biomechanics and functional movement. To support her curiosity about anatomy and the science of movement, she is currently completing her Personal Trainer Certification.

"I love being close to the wild west coast. Muriwai is my local surf spot, and you'll find me out there in any condition - rain, sunshine, waves or calm."

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Megan received her training and health/wellness education at Wellpark College. Her outdoorsy/adventurous vibe is a great fit for Kanuka.

Here's how Megan describes her practice:

"I love nature and I am constantly drawn to Being in this space (Kanuka). Yoga is the technology I use to stay connected throughout. I get a kick out of what the animal body can do and the power of my senses."


"I think Kanuka is such a welcoming and friendly, earthy, honest and giving space, and that's how I aim to teach and serve here."

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Sam's personal journey with yoga started about 20 years ago with her experience of Sivinanda Yoga and it soon led to a love of many styles of yoga.

Sam completed her 200HR teacher training qualification with Ashram Yoga and she is currently on the path to completing her 300HR teaching training and couldn't be more excited!

Further training in the field of Yoga Nidra, Yin, Restorative and Kids Yoga have served to deepen her passion for yoga even more.


Sam often goes by the name of, 'Shanti Dasi', meaning "server of peace", which was given to her by Swami Shantimurti of Ashram Yoga.   

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Carol completed her foundation teacher training with Shades of Yoga in Ubud, Bali (Yogi heaven) focusing on alignment-based vinyasa flow and sustainable safe practice. She has since completed several trainings focused on yin yoga with international teachers, Jo Phee and Yin Therapy

Carol draws inspiration from Insight Yoga, the principles of Chinese medicine, traditional meditation and breathing techniques, and creative vinyasa sequencing.

She's also very passionate about teaching pregnant students. ​

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