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Meet Megan

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Megan brings a wealth of experience and love to Kanuka Yoga Space.

She received her yoga training and health/wellness education at Wellpark College. We think she's an amazing fit for Kanuka and our yoga community... here's why:

Tell Us How Your Love For Nature Influences Your Yoga Practice... "I love Nature and find it easily draws me out of my thinking mind and into ever deepening presence and communion.  

It feels instinctive to access connection to spirit. This makes being in Nature, outside and within myself ... feel sacred, inspired and in-flow. I am constantly drawn to Being in this space. And wanting to live in a Tree house with all the animal friends...

Yoga is the technology I use to stay connected so I get to come from my higher self and keep overcoming the limitations of my ego and mind - and keep living a free, adventurous life! Like the ancient yogis I tune to the earth and its forms (animals, plants, etc) to ground my mind back into my body and Nature. I'm literally thinking “roots and shoots” and “Earth and Sky” during asana and over the years have formed a very strong Earth connection. I'm really at home outdoors in Nature and with my own physical body that is One with it. This embodiment is the foundation to expand my consciousness.

Yoga is awesome!! Because somehow "they/we" mapped the terrain of the human experience and consciousness allowing us to explore and integrate all levels of being and come into wholeness. Along the, it's-not-all-serious way, fun and playfulness is a thing! I get a kick out of what the animal body can do, the power of my senses etc, I like to challenge myself physically and mentally in my practice and in the field."

Why is Megan's teaching style a great fit for Kanuka?

"I'm proud of that inclusivity too! And am grateful to be included in the teaching team! Well...I view it as an honour to teach. I try to pass on what I was lucky to receive from my teacher, which was unconditional love and acceptance. This is my truth and practice in action as a teacher and a being. So I try my hardest to make everyone feel seen and welcome and really celebrate our diversity while fostering healing connection. I try to be an accessible, friendly space too for anyone wanting to connect or talk. No Rockstar vibes here...apart from "Wild Thing" Pose (goes without saying). 

I think Kanuka is such a welcoming and friendly, earthy, honest, giving space - (just like the medicinal Kanuka Tree) and that’s how I aim to teach and serve there. I love how Kanuka practices transparency and clear boundaries and communication. In our roles as teachers, facilitators and space holders for yoga, we don’t always channel what a student wants to hear or do and there can be practice is transformative! Also we are all going through up's and down's in life in general. As a teacher-guide in this studio, my intent is to uphold these same values, so Kanuka Yoga Space is a safe container for all people to do practice, however they arrive and whatever they are going through."

Check out one of Megan's upcoming classes by following the links below:

Thanks for practicing with us =)

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