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Meet Luisa - Kanuka Yoga Teacher

Updated: May 10, 2023

Meet our yoga instructor, Luisa.

Spending most of her time living on Auckland's West Coast, surrounded by stunning native forest and magical beaches like Piha and Kare Kare. We're lucky to have her calming vibrations in the studio space, sharing her yoga and Ayurveda knowledge with the community.

Luisa’s mantra is, “Go with the flow and embody the flow of life.”

When she isn’t flowing on the mat then Luisa lives her mantra on the ocean waves as a keen surfer. Luisa has a profound connection to the mindful aspects of Yoga and her love for the practice is rooted in her daily meditation and pranayama routines.

Yoga class teacher

Photo Cred - Victor D’Alcantara

Luisa lives by Ayurveda and Yoga practices to support her mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and growth and for her Yoga acts as a beautiful complement by helping her to relearn power and connection.

Luisa graduated as a Yoga Teacher from Jayayoga 200-hour training and completed another 100-hour Trauma-Informed Facilitator Training with Somapsych. When on the teaching mat she inspires her Yogis to let go of any former beliefs and thoughts they may have held about Yoga encouraging instead a playful attitude so that they can explore more and more of themselves.

Her main practice is Ashtanga Yoga, a holistic meditative movement practice based on the foundations of Tristhana (Vinyasa, Bandha, Drishti) and rooted in the eight limbs path of Yoga. For her, Ashtanga Yoga is the dance of the breath with the body.

Ashtanga Yoga teacher West Auckland

As a Ayurvedic Health Advisor from Hale Pule she passionately shares her knowledge about this ancient wholistic nature-based science and encourages people to find balance in taking care of their own health with simple effective Ayurvedic practices.

Taking all those practices together Luisa practices also Thai Yoga Massage as bodywork sessions to get energy flowing.

You can follow her journey on IG - @luisamoana

Check out Luisa on our yoga class schedule below:

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