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Meet Steph

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Steph is a yoga and embodiment facilitator who aims to inspire and empower others.

Guided by the principles from the school of Awakening Arts, her offerings are a blend of hatha yoga practises, non-dual tantric insights, and somatic inquiry. Steph will guide you into a meditative experience of the different systems that make up our forms in order to come into a more integrated way of being.

Complementary training in Yin Yoga with international teacher Jo Phee and Restorative yoga with Contemporary Yoga have helped cultivate a deep reverence for stillness and restoration. These practises have felt like a soothing balm to what life can ask of our nervous systems.

Yoga has helped Steph to cultivate awareness of self and continues to help ground her in a state of being. Her warm and steady presence invites a sense of curiosity and play into her classes.

When she’s not in the studio you will find Steph playing with her dog and exploring the wild landscapes of New Zealand.

Take a look at our yoga class schedule on the Momence App, or by visiting our online yoga schedule.

We look forward to practicing with you at the studio.


Kanuka Yoga Space


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