Meet Stu

Updated: Jan 6

Kanuka Yoga's Manager

Stu was introduced to yoga as a teenager, and has maintained a more regular practice since 2014. He completed his 200HR training at RAW Yoga, Milford, with John and Nicole Allen, and Kylie Rook. This foundational training provided a comprehensive lens on where yoga has come from and where it is going in today's modern world, along with tonnes of practical tips and techniques to share in classes, and use in a personal practice at home.

In The Studio

Stu loves to teach Vinyasa and Flow classes; using strong activation cues, a variety of options of each pose and a steady pace throughout each class. Expect to build heat, strength and flexibility as you groove to some fun beats during his dynamic classes. Smiles are always welcome too =)

This 2020, he's looking forward to more yoga education, progressing his inversions practice, maintaining a regular meditation practice at home and is sharing more of his music in the form of Kirtan - musical mantras.

When he's not managing Kanuka Yoga and teaching, you'll find him playing live music at venues across Auckland. An acoustic musician who can create funky, upbeat vibes using his loper station and playing some of your all-time favourite covers along with a selection of his own original music. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

In The Workplace

His previous corporate experience includes over 8 years in various fast-paced industries; creative advertising, digital media and outdoor adventure retail. He appreciates the need for workplace cohesion in order to deliver the best results at work and life at home. Usually, the cohesion needs to start with the individual - discovering a better relationship with yourself, which can then positively extend outward to others, even in times of stressful deadlines and meetings.

In late 2019, Stu decided to take a break from the fast-paced corporate world to focus on Kanuka Yoga Space, his yogic teaching journey, playing music around Auckland as guitarist/vocalist and putting in personal time to enjoy the outdoors.

When he's not practicing yoga or playing music, you'll find him surfing, snowboarding and on multi-day hikes; his classes are aimed to positively influence your experience in nature. Finding more balance with a stable core, better mind-body awareness and finding regular moments of gratitude.

You can follow him on Instagram @_stuj_