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Sound Movement Journey, with Moving Rivers

We're excited to welcome Jasmine from Moving Rivers back into the studio in June for our next Sound Movement Journey =)

The intention is to create time and space for you to slow down, and reconnect with your body and mind.

This Sound Movement Journey will incorporate a small amount of gentle, mindful movement (accessible for absolute beginners), along with the deeply restorative vibrations that quartz crystal sound bowls provide.

Sound Movement Journey with Jasmine Donald at Kanuka Yoga Space

Sound Movement Journey, with Moving Rivers

When - Sunday, 23rd June

Time - 11am - 12.30pm

Where - Kanuka Yoga Space

With - Jasmine Donald; Moving Rivers

Sliding Exchange - $20 - $50

Our pricing for this event is done on a sliding scale, meaning you can pay what you want to attend based on your circumstances. Keeping in mind our time and energy it takes to create and facilitate this event, and to host this in our magical studio space.

This is a fun and relaxed environment open to all experience levels and abilities. Providing time to connect to your inner world; allowing your bodies natural healing abilities to flourish so you can feel more full and energized in the outside world.

Feeling your natural rhythm and flow through the power of movement and sound; embodying the beauty of being alive. Give yourself space and time to move and soothe with Moving Rivers.

About The Movement

As water moves to renew and recharge itself, so do we. Sometimes we can store energy in our body; this might be in the form of feelings, or emotions that we carry, or that we're carrying from other people in our lives.

We have an ability to move this energy through awareness, breath and movement; something that can take practice to achieve and ultimately can have a nourishing effect on your body and mind; allowing the river of life to move freely through us once again.

The movement portion of this sound journey will include some beginner-level embodiment movements, with a focus on moving the spine in a gentle way, and creating fluidity in the body. Some of the movements are inspired by qigong which works with the idea of acknowledging earth and sky and the elements within.

This is all to support the body to recieve the sound from the quartz crystal sound bowls with the intention to connect the mind to the body. Everything will be optional and we encourage you to listen to your own body and acknowledge what feels good to try, and things you're happy to skip.

About The Sound

For some people, the quartz crystal sound bowls can bring us into a deeply restorative meditative state. By moving us into the alpha-theta brainwave state, our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and our body can start to restore and repair.

Sound Movement Journey with Moving Rivers

About The Journey

When we go on a journey, we start at one point and move to a new point of awareness. Sometimes, this journey can involve transformation, hence why it can be a valuable tool to take a journey; this can be about discovery, learning, and growth.

Life is one big journey. We can craft each journey with intention, love and presence. To follow our nature of change in this evolutionary, embodied, human experience.

Sound Movement Journey with Moving Rivers

What To Bring:

  • Warm, comfortable clothing

  • A journal and pen if you're one that enjoys reflection during workshops, otherwise you can save your journaling for afterwards =)

  • We have all props, bolsters and blankets in the studio, however we always suggest bringing any personal items from home (i.e. small cushion, blanket, yoga mat) for extra comfort.

  • Eye mask/pillow or scarf (recommended)

Plus, any other items to support your experience; perhaps your favourite crystal or any sacred items you wish to journey with.

Please avoid coffee/alcohol on the day and have a light dinner if you need to eat before.

About Jasmine Donald

Jasmine is a mover;- in dance, sound, energy and breath. Bridging the two worlds of performing and healing arts. Creating space for individual, partnered and group embodiment work.

Using her professional training in contemporary dance and over ten years experience in meditation and intuitive development she helps others embody and remember their innate nature and purpose.

Sound Movement Journey with Moving Rivers

Jasmine has completed a degree in dance at Unitec Auckland, level 1 and 2 certification in 'Energy Medicine Facilitation' with Phillipe Atman, and a certification in the foundations of Miri Miri and Romi Romi with Jolie Davis.

Currently Jasmine is a Facilitator, Dance Teacher, Energy Healer and Movement Mentor.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

We look forward to hosting you in the studio soon.


Kanuka Yoga Space

Boutique yoga studio in Northwest Auckland


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