Meet Raquel

Updated: Jun 13

Kanuka Yoga's Studio Owner

Raquel has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade. Her movement training also includes a background in figure skating, gymnastics, elite-level cheerleading and acro yoga - she loves flying and has leaned into yoga as a more gentle way to feel this free flow. She is American with Mexican-Vietnamese heritage and has called New Zealand home since 2015.

In The Studio

She recognises her consistent yoga practice as a tool to stay centered and balanced internally, as well as finding more balance in external relationships (professionally and personally). She weaves in this awareness into her classes by guiding students into their own inner landscapes, while exploring the physical ground/space around.

Her teaching style is influenced by empathy, compassion and honest, clear communication with trauma-sensitive and invitational language. Her classes allow space to explore options which feel safe for students. She completed her 200HR yoga training in 2019 at RAW Yoga, plus 60hr Community and Trauma-Informed YTT with Rise Movement, and 20hr Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

She opened Kanuka Yoga Space to create a community yoga space for all types of bodies and selected an amazing group of teachers to help cultivate inner-awareness for a wide range of personalities.

In The Workplace

Raquel has been working in the corporate world (primarily in sales and technology) for nearly a decade. She understands organisations’ needs to realise the full potential of their employees and is an advocate to bring yoga and mindfulness practices into the workplace, as a tool to stay balanced in a fast-paced and competitive corporate environment.

She is a successful entrepreneur (manager and owner of Kanuka Yoga Space) and sales professional working with Groov to bring mental wellbeing programmes into the workplace. She is grateful to have an opportunity to share the benefits of yoga and meditation to create peace and community within the workplace.

"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realise that in our own being, we are enough" - Ram Dass

"When you walk into any room, make it your home. Then help every one in the room to

feel at home.

Remember, you are uniquely you and you have every right to be exactly that.

Do not try to fit in, you fit perfectly in you." - Guru Singh