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Local Business Offers for Yoga Classes

Promote health and wellness in your workplace and join Kanuka Yoga Space with three colleagues (or more) for a some special, local business offers... supporting businesses in Hobsonville, and the surrounding suburbs like Hobsonville Point, Westgate, Massey, Greenhithe, Whenuapai and Herald Island.

Local Business Offers for Yoga Classes:

1 Month Unlimited - 25% off

10 class pack - 25% off

6 Month Unlimited - 35% off

Local business deals for yoga classes in Auckland

We run 21+ classes every week, with a mix of teaching styles, class times and class length. Each teacher has their own unique teaching style, and generally speaking, each teach have come from a different line of eduction and understanding of what yoga means to them.

To keep it all under one umbrella, at Kanuka Yoga Space, we promote our space as Trauma Informed - meaning all movements and practices are optional, and we encourage students to find the practices that support their journey, and encourage people to feel empowered to make their own choices, with our teachers as supportive guides and educators.

For Local Business group rates, please reach out to us at or give us a call on 0276 (KANUKA) - 0276 526 852.

Group rates can be invoiced as one or paid separately.

Yoga Classes in Hobsonville Auckland

Already a member of Kanuka Yoga Space?

You can add credit to your Momence account by referring students our way. Your friend/colleague will receive a free trial when you refer them. And, you will have the opportunity to earn $25 in class credits per referral you make.

Not sure if yoga is right for you?

Our Intro Offer is available for anyone who'd like to try a few classes to begin. Ten days of unlimited yoga for you to find something that suits your schedule.

If you need more time to decide, we have a second Intro Offer available - One Month Unlimited. Learn more here.

Yoga Class in boutique yoga studio in Auckland

We look forward to practicing with you in the studio soon.


The Kanuka Yoga Space Team

Kanuka Yoga Space - Boutique Yoga Studio in Auckland


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